Monday, September 19, 2011

A day at the speedway

The vice president of marketing from Pirelli World Challenge gave out free tickets to military members for the weekend races.   Unfortunately they were only for the service members and not their families.  God provided though and Mathieu was given an extra ticket from some random people who weren't using theirs and someone from work couldn't use theirs either.  So not only could I and the kids go but Mathieu's Mom who was coming in town Saturday could go as well!  We had a wonderful time, the kids got to see any car they wanted and the hospitality was amazing!  We were truly blessed! 
Rachel sitting in one of the cars.

One of the tribute cars to the fallen soldiers of 8-6-2011

close up of names

A pit crew member showing the kids how to change a tire and inspect the brakes.

Mathieu showing Nehemiah all the safety features of the race cars.

Samuel enjoying his day at the track.

Our parking pass, we had parking
 really close compared to the other
places to park.  These were given to us too.

The view from our parking spot.  You can
 see part of the track just above the silver car.

Posing next to the pace car.

The "who dat" car.  This is the car Nehemiah rooted for.

Grandmomma and Nehemiah in their matching FREE shirts!

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