Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple Picking

We love apples and strawberries!  So after some digging around I found a pick your own apple and strawberry farm.   We didn't realize that apple trees produced SO many apples! The children got some schooling done with Daddy and then some fun picnic time in.  We enjoyed picking the apples but we loved picking the strawberries even more.  
These are red delicious apples next to the road,
they are so dirty that they almost look maroon or purple at times.

More red delicious

Picking Braeburn apples

It takes some serious strength from Rachel to pull an apple off.

Natasha was captivated by the amount of apples on the ground.

Caleb and I hanging back taking pictures

Mathieu teaching the children.

Samuel trying to figure out why he can't eat the ones on the ground.

More school :)




Rachel eating her apple she picked

Nehemiah eating the apple he picked.

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