Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping, I mean tenting...

We decided it was about time to take the family camping.  I mean it has been almost 4 years since we received our tent.  Oops!  We wanted to ease back into camping, so we headed up to Travis AFB to the base camp site.  We thought we would be camping near the base but it turned more into a tenting experience.  Remember when I said that it's often cool, foggy and gray where we live?  Well at the camp site it was well into the 100's and not a shade tree around our site!  We ended up doing some site seeing, enjoying the base thrift store, walking around the BX and Commissary, watching Winnie the Pooh at the base theater and even some garage sales.  We enjoyed the camp life of smores and sleeping on the floor. :)
Caleb keeping cool in the shade

The local housing had a water tree to play in.

We took great advantage of this!

Mathieu and the children enjoyed cooling off, Samuel on the other hand did not.

We went to the plane museum on base.

Compare the  size of "Fat Man" bomb to the family.

They even got to sit in some!

Tenting is tough!

There were Jack rabbits all over the camp site.
He's the little brown spot in the middle of the picture.

Our campsite, I forgot to get a pic before we took it down.

We went out to Red Robin, we used
 to go there a lot when we lived in MD.

The family enjoying a Red Robin treat!

Samuel put my hat on his head on the
drive home to keep the sun out of his eyes.  

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