Friday, January 28, 2011

Rain Ready!

Rachel loves ducks.  Rachel knows that ducks love water.  We have been getting a lot of rain lately.  Rachel likes to be a prepared ducky.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit to San Diego

We took a long weekend to San Diego to visit some of our best friends that we've known since Hawaii (6 years ago) the S Family.  We had a wonderful time fellowshipping and letting the little ones play.  We  got to visit Mr. N's boat that he will be deploying on soon, please keep him and this wonderful family in your prayers. We also got to Chick-fil-a and eat cake for my birthday!

All the kiddos - Samuel, having a slumber party!

the only telephone on the boat for the sailors to call home :(

the Mercy Ship in the harbor.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to School

We started the new semester the day Mathieu went back to work, hoping that with all the breaks we have coming up and family visits we will be done when the baby gets here.

Nehemiah is currently working on addition practice with worksheets I found on the web, he will be starting Developmental Math #3 beginning in February.  He's also working through the last half of his Handwriting without Tears K book and has now started working on a first grade phonics book.  He is really enjoying these worksheets and I'm love that it's not a fight to get him to read the words.  He also has started the 100 easy lessons to read program again, but we are now doing it on the computer which allows someone else to teach him to read.  You can get the program free the whole month of January at Funnix.  It's a $249 value and also includes worksheets you can print off!

Natasha is working on her K workbook and practicing her handwriting.  She will be starting Developmental Math #2 the beginning of February.

Rachel has started working on some preschool workbooks, ones with ducks of course!  She is currently focusing on same/different, colors, and shapes.  She really likes being a BIG GIRL and doing school.

Samuel is .... well.... Samuel.  He is currently getting into everything!  He loves pushing his siblings buttons (because he's figured out what works) and he loves to be outside.  

All of the kiddos are working on American Sign Language with "Signing Time".  It has become a huge favorite that is asked for daily.  The older ones are loving that they can "help" Samuel say what he needs to.