Monday, August 29, 2011

Raiders Football

Mathieu's work was offered some free football tickets to the preseason of the Oakland Raiders.  We could not pass up such an experience!  We had a wonderful time and the kids enjoyed it too!  I was a little appalled at the attire the cheerleaders wore, and we were very thankful that the children weren't able to see them very well from their seats.
Mathieu talking out loud.

Rachel happy to be eating her celery.

Nehemiah and Natasha

The game, notice all the security?

The kids looking at the field after the game is over.

Nehemiah, Mathieu and Samuel

Natasha and Rachel

Mathieu and I and a sliver of Samuel

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hiking date night

Since Mrs. S was in town, she pushed us out the door for a date night.  We went to a local park that overlooks the bay and did some hiking.  It was really nice, a bit more of a workout than we had planned. After our hike we headed into town and grabbed a bite to eat at P.F. Chang's.  We really enjoy this place and haven't been in several years.  It was just as good as we remembered!  On a funny note, while eating dinner I crossed my legs and out came a pile of pine needles and seeds.  I did not mean to leave a pile of the forest at my seat when we left! 

Fun with friends

A little time at the park.
We love spending time with the S family, and since Mr. S is coming home soon from deployment, the rest of the family headed on up to spend some time with us! As you can see the days are cold again and the weather has turned gloomy.  We did manage to get to the park next door for a little bit to play.  We also had a movie night.  Anytime you have kids and you add movies and pizza and popcorn you get one big hit!  Our children love movie night!

Intently watching the movie.

Saying cheese :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First smiles

Check out these cute smiles from Caleb!

Didn't he make you smile?