Monday, September 27, 2010

Working on reading

Nehemiah loves to show off his reading skills to anyone who will listen.  We have recently noticed though that he pretty much has the book memorized and is no longer reading the words but just saying everything by memory.   We decided to make flash cards with the words from his Bob Books that he has already read.  We try and make the cards into much as a game as possible.  Nehemiah is so eager to read that he gets angry with himself when he can't read as fast as he would like to. We hope that by seeing the words outside the book, like on the flash cards or while we are out and about on signs, that he will realize that he can read much more than he thinks.  Mathieu has started having him sound out the words when we go to the store, even if he doesn't know the word yet.  Nehemiah's face lights up when he realizes that he just read a word.

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