Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1 Month of Homeschooling!!

Our first month of homeschooling has been great!  Nehemiah is loving the fact that he gets to play almost the whole day while everyone else is still in school.  Nehemiah has completed the first book in "Developmental Math" and is well into the 2nd book.  He completed the first book and took the test at the end and didn't miss any.  He's very happy to have "100 percent".  He is a little over half way through the "Handwriting without Tears preK" book and is enjoying being able to count down the pages till he can start book 2.  We have taken a little break with "100 Easy Lessons", he was becoming frustrated with himself and the pace of the book because it wasn't going fast enough for him that he would end up crying before we were even half way through the lessons.  In replace of "100 Easy Lessons"  we have been watching "Word Why" and continuing to work on the "Bob Books" and the flash cards.  He also carries a notebook around with him (his idea) and writes down any words he wants to remember and draws a picture of it.  He's completely filled up one small spiral notebook and is working on his second.

Natasha is loving her worksheets and the variety it has in it.  She is about half way through book one of "Developmental Math" and about a third the way through the "Handwriting without Tears prek" book.  She is enjoying math much more than she was in the beginning.  I think mainly because there is a lot of coloring and you can't go wrong with her if she gets to color.

Rachel still spends most of the school time at the table with us.  She does a lot of expressive coloring and play dough time.  We are working on her colors and counting right now too.

Samuel spends some time at the table with us, he really enjoys reading "Touch and Feel" books.  He could spend hours sometimes just looking at his books.  When he isn't at the table he's busy pushing his dump truck around the house.  He's a pro at hoarding and at getting around with it.  If you can't find something it's best to go and dump his truck out, because 9 times out of 10 he's picked it up and has been pushing it around. :)

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