Friday, September 17, 2010

Cooking in the kitchen

Nehemiah watching his pizza cook.
Thanks to a dear friend we have been making our own pizzas on some Fridays.  The kids love doing this and getting to help pick out their own toppings at the store.  Natasha and Rachel have  started eating meat on their pizza now that they put it on themselves.  They love canadian bacon and  little sauce.  Nehemiah on the other hand loves lots of sauce and lots of pepperoni.  Samuel will eat just about anything. 

One thing we have  been trying to concentrate on is having Nehemiah in the kitchen helping to cook.  He loves cracking eggs for scrambled eggs and making toast in the toaster.   We recently have started making cakes from a box and learning how to follow directions.  (Since he can't fully read yet, it's easier for him to follow directions with pictures.)

Nehemiah concentrating on egg cracking.

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