Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving with Uncle Mac and Aunt Caitlin

Nehemiah eating his turkey leg.

Rachel and her turkey dinner with sweet tea :)

Natasha and Samuel eating dinner.

Uncle Mac and Aunt Caitlin enjoying some dinner with ham. 
Mathieu offering cheesecake to everyone.  

Uncle Mac and his whipped cream mustache.

Nehemiah and Natasha not wanting Uncle Mac to leave.

Group picture, minus Mathieu and I.

Another picture but with Gus Gus this time.

Uncle Mac and Aunt Caitlin came out to visit it us for the whole week of Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful visit full of laughter, food, and of course Settles of Catan.  We also did a little Christmas shopping too!  The kids really enjoyed their dog, Gus Gus.  He was a super sweet little man with extra special manners and was also a well behaved vacuum.  He practically went every where with us.  Thank you for visiting us!!

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