Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rachel!!!

Rachel turned 3 today!  What a joy she brings to our life!  She is outgoing and has a very caring personality.  She loves being with her siblings and hates to be without them.  Rachel also has a very big love for DUCKS!  For her birthday she asked for ducky sheets, ducky jacket, ducky boots and anything else ducky!  She loves ducks so much she sleeps with 6 rubber ducks lined up next to her at night. 

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tiffini

Notice the rubber duckies, these are the ones she sleeps with. 
Uncle Jeff showing Rachel the ducky sheets he MADE just for her!

The ducky boots Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tiffini made just for her!

Grandmomma, Mathieu, and Aunt Tiffini

Papa, Nehemiah, and Rachel

Nehemiah showing Rachel the cool flying lego car he made for her.

Rachel was super excited! Thanks Nehemiah!!

A ducky baby from Grandmother Too.  Thank you!!

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