Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Fun (warning picture overload!)

The kids play area.
We visited Swank Farms this weekend to start off our fall learning and adventures! The farm offers lots of things to do: feed goats, jump on bounce pillow, crack corn, corn maze, corn cannon, pig racing, tractor peddlers for the kids, a train ride (relay a track pull), go cart rides, and pumpkin sling shot.
Mathieu driving Rachel on the pedal go-carts.

Nehemiah peddling Rachel.

Here Rachel and Natasha are cracking corn.  Rachel had to put all her weight into turning the handle!

 Fishing for goats with corn stalks.  This was one of the kids favorite things to do.  Who would have thought that putting corn stalks through a fence just to have goats rip them out of your hands was so much fun!

Mathieu jumping with Nehemiah, Natasha and Rachel on the bounce pillow.  If you look closely you can see Nehemiah behind Mathieu.

Petting the rabbits at the petting zoo.

Nehemiah and Mathieu shooting the corn cannon.  

Part of the story that helped us get through the corn maze.
Walking through the corn maze.

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