Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rachel's 4th birthday party

Rachel loves Winnie the Pooh and Grandmomma, but then again who doesn't? So her birthday party theme just had to be Winnie the Pooh with Grandmomma there.  She also requested for a hill with Pooh on top for her cake and with honey as her icing. I had to let her know that honey wasn't really an option but we could do  green grass icing and sprinkles.

Grandmother Too sent a really cool candle for her birthday.  We lit the top and it opened up and twirled in circles playing Happy Birthday!  It was an awesome candle!  Thanks Grandmother Too, the whole family enjoyed it!!


looking at all her decorations

Listening to Nehemiah read his letter he wrote her.

Giving Natasha a hug for her play dough duckie set.

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