Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Day at the beach....

After almost a week away to Disneyland, getting out and enjoying God's creation was on our list of things to do.  The weather here is usually blah and dreary.  The weather makes me think of being depressed.  It's gray, foggy, gloomy, cool and sometimes a little gusty. So when we do get a beautiful day with the sun out and clear skies, we love to head out!   Today we headed out to the sand dunes that are between our house and the ocean.
Ice plant

Ice plant blooms

View from the top of the sand dunes.

The view to the right

The view to the left, a hotel sits right on the beach.

me :)

Natasha climbing up the sand dune

Nehemiah thinks his two sticks will help him get better traction.

Mathieu holding Samuel while he helps Rachel climb up.

Me and Caleb

A jelly fish that has been washed a shore

My sister, Sharon, and a sand dollar we found on the beach

See how big the dunes are

Nothing like going to the sand dunes and coming home with a shoe full of sand.

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