Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our bodies are made for....

Since we are studying love this month, I decided we better start with ourselves and the central part of our body.  I traced the children on some long paper and then had them draw their body parts.  I then labeled each part with what they told me they were for.  We had several deep discussions on how each part of our bodies function and how we use self control for all of them.  

Natasha working on her body
Nehemiah working on his body.

Samuel was feeling left out and decided to try his car one more time, of course this is the time that he figured out how to ride it and decided it was a great idea to scoot and zoom all over their drawings. :)
Rachel working on her body.

Samuel being a ham and cheesing

Nehemiah's body says: eyes to see, nose for smelling, mouth to say nice words, heart is for to know Jesus, to love Him and to love each other.

Natasha's body says: nose is for smelling, eyes are for closing and opening, mouth is for talking, heart is for Jesus

Rachel's body says: mouth is for talking and praising God, heart is for Jesus in it and for loving each other, eyes are for looking, nose is for smelling

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