Friday, December 17, 2010

Visit to the Aquarium

Our aquarium used to be a cannery, here we learned about how they filtered the steam to the machines.

The giant sea weed.
Samuel happy as can be to see the fish :)

Natasha, Nehemiah, and Rachel looking for an eel.

Natasha, Mommy, and Nehemiah 

Nehemiah's favorite thing to see, the Spiny Crab.

In the wave exhibit. 

Rachel intently looking for Nemo.

Sitting in the clam shell.

The girls favorite place to be, the dress up area!

Rachel and Natasha as Nemo, and Nehemiah in the background putting on an octopus.

Playing in the water area, learning how to direct water.

I can't tell you enough how much our kids love the Aquarium and it's more special when Daddy doesn't have to work and he gets to go with us! Nehemiah loves going and learning about all the different animals while the other kids just like to ohh and ahh over them.  Nehemiah decided to carry around his notebook and draw and write the names of some animals in it.

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