Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Farm Family Singing

One of the things we enjoy doing at the farm is singing together around the piano.   We have fond memories of doing this with Grams playing the piano.  Now Grandmomma, Meloni, plays for us.  We sing hymns and this time we also added in Christmas songs. 
Nehemiah, Aunt Raino, Aunt Laurie, Samuel, Aunt Rolli, Grandmomma, Rachel, Caleb and Me

Aunt Tiffini and Kristi


Me, Caleb and Papa

Caleb and Papa

Aunt Laurie, Rachel, Natasha, Aunt Rolli, Grandmomma, and Samuel

Samuel and Uncle Corey

Grandma and Grandpa

Me and Caleb

Colten, Nehemiah, and Brecken

Samuel and Colten

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Tiffini

Colten and Hackston

Uncle Corey, Hackston, and Aunt Raino

Colten and Nehemiah

Devin, Uncle Corey, Hackston and Aunt Raino

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