Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Christmas

With our trip fast approaching we decided to do our family Christmas before we left to allow the kids to be able to take some of their new things with them.  We give 3 gifts each, just as Jesus received 3 gifts from the kings.  They each receive  a toy, a book (or books if we get them on sale), and a clothing item.  Each child also gets to choose to give something to Jesus for his birthday.  This year we purchased 3 ducks, 2 chickens and a rabbit from World Vision.  The children then receive a card with the picture of what they gave on it.  We place it on our bulletin board in the kitchen so that we can look at it daily and remember to pray for those that received them.  Please consider giving for Jesus this Christmas.

We are in no way compensated for sharing World Vision, we just believe in what they do.

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